Collection: Lucy Poett

Lucy Poett (Scottish) was born in Edinburgh, and studied in both Scotland and England, where she acquired a lasting interest in pictures and painting. After leaving school, she studied briefly at the Heatherly School of Art in London.

Living near Dundee, she was able to study sculpture under the late Scott Sutherland RSA at the Dundee College of Art. She then worked in London from a studio in Chelsea doing busts in bronze, and, at the same time, she started doing animal drawings in pencil. She had two successful exhibitions of drawings at the Malcolm Innes Gallery in London.

She has developed her artistic talent, and has taught herself to paint in oils, and now does portraits that she exhibits regularly at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibitions in London. Her pictures tend to be of people; she is especially fascinated by faces in the desert, India, and the Middle East. Her sculpture is more varied and includes bird and animal works. She accepts commissions for busts in bronze, which are regularly exhibited in London and Scotland. She is an Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and a member of the Society of Women Artists.

In addition, she exhibits regularly at the Royal Scottish Academy, and frequently has pictures and small sculptures exhibited at galleries in Scotland and London. She completed a life-size memorial bronze of Sandy Irvine Robertson, which was installed outside the Malmaison Hotel on the shore in Leith in Edinburgh. 

Lucy is the owner of Aberdona Gallery and ran the building as a gallery for several years. She can be found visiting the gallery frequently. 

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