Why do we love food?

Food, more specifically good food, just makes life better, that's a fact. It is such a massive part of our lives! Luckily most of us have the luxury of enjoying food and being able to choose our meals or what scrumptious snacks we want to devour next. 

More recently, I have been wondering why I love food so much? Its almost slightly embarrassing to admit, but food does genuinely excite me! It doesn't even need to be something that luxurious - a sloppy bacon roll with brown sauce can literally turn my frown upside down immediately! However, I wanted to write a little self-analysis of why I love food - maybe you can relate?

Obviously our body has a basic need for food but when there is so much choice, and very tasty choice at that, its very hard not to get glutinous and be a bit of a 'food snob'. When self-reflecting on why I love food, one of the main reasons that came to my mind was that it provides comfort. Yes, I am a comfort eater! I have two young boys running around and cleaning up after them is definitely not comforting so nothing beats some comfort food to counteract some good old child-enduced stress. When the kids are in bed and it's just you and your food, its like finding true love all over again! 

Whilst blaming my children for my questionable eating habits would be easy, I then quickly realised that even before I had kids I was always the first person in the room to ask what was for dinner or what takeaway we were going to order. Awkward! The obsession with food runs deeper than just enjoying it when I escape my kids! 

Growing up - food brought my family together. Being one of 13 children meant meal time was a crazy, chaotic but mostly fun experience. My parents were good cooks and always made too much, it wasn't an Oliver Twist situation! Maybe the positive memories and experiences of meal times in my childhood meant that I correlated those positive emotions with food? And then whenever I feel stressed or want to relax I know that food can bring those positive feelings..... I think i'm getting somewhere! 

I love making food look amazing. There is something so satisfying about seeing food all packaged up nicely and looking fab - I really enjoy creating the grazing boards and the other products we have because not only does it allow me to bring lots of nice food together, but I can (try my best) to make it pretty. BUT, after analysing myself more, I realised that when it comes to eating food just for myself, I basically don't care what it looks like! Weird right!?

Lets summarise. I love food because it provides comfort in stressful times, gives me positive feelings and I don't care what it looks like. Food does make life better and I think its fun to enjoy food, in a sensible manner. Let me finish with my favourite food!

Favourite Food: Deliberated and discussed with husband for 30 minutes and still couldn't decide, listed about 50 food types and decide I like them all!

Favourite Restaurant: Gidi Grill  - Dundee 


Really want to hear from you!

Why do you love food!? 

What is your favourite food and why?

Please let me know I'm not alone in my weird food obsession!! 

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