Our Story

Polly's Pantry was established in the year 2020 by husband and wife, Michael and Polly Watt. After an extremely difficult year for many people, we thought of a way to bring happiness to many people straight to their door step. 

A tummy full of scrumptious food is lovely - but even better when its shared with friends and family. With both of us coming from large families (Michael being 1 of 7 and Polly 1 of 13), eating food was always an event! Sharing homemade meals and takeaways was common but every once and a while there would be a special occurrence - a sharing cheese board! It was a race to get the best bits and arguments about who made the best concoction were rife - it was manic! 

Growing up, we have learned to enjoy food in a more relaxed manner but still enjoy those moments of sharing fun. Our goal is to not only deliver wonderful looking and tasting food, but to spread the spirit of sharing. Spending time with those you love is a must, and we are here to help! 

We are parents to two children - Lachlan, 6 and Mylo, 4 - who love food with a passion too! Polly's Pantry is a family venture, with Michael ensuring our online platforms give our customers a great experience and Polly hand-making each individual board. Both conduct the deliveries to you - please say hello to us at the door!

Polly & Michael x