Food, Family and Sharing!

Food has a special power. Not only can it quickly turn a bad day into a good one, it can bring people together. In this current social environment where we are restricted to who we can meet with, its natural to miss socialising with friends and family. One thing that I miss the most is eating and sharing food with others! 

You see, I am one of 13 children! Yes, you read that correctly - 13! Growing up in my family, every meal time was a banquet in which you had no choice to share with others. My parents became accustomed to catering for a small army and passed down their love of cooking and baking to most of us. I have 10 sisters and 2 brothers - ranging from ages 5 - 29! The special operation of making dinner is becoming easier for my parents as siblings grow up and move out or help. 

When the TV channels arrived to film us due to us being the largest family in Scotland, the main thing they focused on was meal times - how on earth did we manage to feed 15 people every day? It was chaos at times but some of my favourite food memories are stealing the last homemade taco or helping my dad make his famous banana muffins. Naturally, most of my family grew up with a love for food - its what brought us all together. 

I now have my own more normal-sized family of 4 - Me, my husband and our two boys. Sharing food with friends and family is always a must - its always the first thing organised at the beginning of the night. Nothing beats sharing a tasty meal with others, gorging on tasty snacks or revelling in a carb-induced coma.

The creation of Polly's Pantry has allowed me to create sharing experiences for others with an ambience of positivity and enjoyment that good food provides. Whether its the huge variation in flavours available in the classic cheese board or the warm fuzzy feeling that the chocolate from the dessert boards give you, our grazing boards ensure the night is memorable. 

What is your favourite food to share with others?


  • Wow that’s amazing, love to hear about your passion for food and your story it’s lovely!

    Antonia Gilvear
  • I love a big Indian feast!! X

    Charlotte hann

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