Brucefield Estate Picnic Hamper

Brucefield Estate Picnic Hamper

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Requires a minimum of 1 weeks notice - If you are doing the Woodland Trail, please be sure to let Brucefield Estate know of your hamper purchase. 

- Polly will contact you in regards to your order to ensure timing matches with your Woodland Trail

When purchasing, please leave contact details for Polly to contact you regarding delivery time and day. 

Picnic Hamper 

Minimum 2 guests : £32 per person - looking for catering options as a solo guest or group of 3 or more? - please give us an email at so we can accommodate you.

What's included?

 Homemade soup

Served with crusty bread and butter (or dairy free alternative.)

Soup Options:

Potato & Sweetcorn Chowder

Lentil (Vegetarian)

Coconut & Cauliflower (vegan)

Charcuterie Platter 

Platter Options:

Classic : Selection of cheese , homemade chutney, Great Glen salami (or alternative if unavailable), fresh fruits & oatcakes 

VegetarianSelection of cheese , homemade chutney, cut vegetables with houmous, fresh fruits & oatcakes 

 Vegan Selection of vegan cheese , homemade chutney, cut vegetables with houmous, fresh fruits & vegan oatcakes/crackers 


Chocolate Strawberries (vegan chocolate strawberries alternative.)


Homemade Brownie (vegan homemade brownie alternative.)

For any allergen information or dietary requirements, please email if unsure on our website.